¡¡¡Aporte Solucion: smart_io.crd error XTC 2 Clip!!!

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La solucion esta en Ingles y aportada por el Manager de XTC 2 clip:


NOTE: August 25, a new image has been uploaded. It will prevent Android from creating system files.

Many customers are trying to format the clip with wrong fs, which leads to a corrupted file system.
File system can also be corrupted by the wrong ejection from USB, etc.

We have a procedure that you may use to restore your clip to factory state:

1) Download this application:
2) Download filesystem image:
http://xtc2.net/downloads/image2017s.img (short version, faster flashing)
http://xtc2.net/downloads/image2015.img (full version, in case short doesn't help)
3) Run Win32 Disk Imager
4) In the "Image file" select downloaded "image2015.img"
5) Connect XTC2Clip to the microSD reader.
6) Select the correct disk drive in the "Device" droplist. WARNING! Make a careful selection. If you choose a wrong drive, you can erase data on one of your disks.
7) Press "Write" and wait for the operation to complete. It may take 1-2 minutes.
8) Reconnect clip

Done. Please recreate the files you need (e.g. sf.txt, etc) and you may start using the clip as usual.