¡¡¡Aporte Moto G4 (XT1621) FRP - Cuenta Google by Octopus FRP Tool!!!

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- Bueno lo unico que debemos hacer es poner el telefono en Factory Mode desde FastBoot
- Lo conectamos a la PC, abrimos Octoplus FRP Tool, y clic en Reset FRP, y solo esperar, ya que hace todo

CitarWelcome to Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.0.5
Platform: MOTOROLA
Selected model: XT1621
Put the phone into Factory Mode:
1. Power phone OFF;
2. Press and hold "Vol-" + "Power" buttons;
3. Select Factory Mode, then confirm your selection;
4. Wait until the phone Power ON;
5. Connect USB cable.
Searching for a phone. Please wait...
Phone found.
Reading info...
Phone model: 8952.gen
Firmware released date: May 31 2017
Firmware released time: 06:30:21
Firmware compiled date: May 17 2017
Firmware compiled time: 02:00:00
SW version: MPSS.TA.2.1.c3-00025-8976_GEN_PACK-1.80110.1.99393.1
Enabling "USB Debugging" mode...
Searching for a phone. Please wait...
Enabling "USB Debugging" mode...
Put the phone in Factory Mode:
1. Disconnect USB cable;
2. Power OFF the phone;
3. Press "Vol-" and "Power" buttons;
4. Select Factory Mode then confirm your selection;
5. Wait until phone is power ON and connect USB Cable;
6. Install necesarry drivers then press "OK" button
Please, press "OK" button on the phone to allow USB debugging..
Searching for a phone (waiting for ADB device)...
Phone found.
Reading info...
Phone model: motorola Moto G (4)
SW version: NPJS25.93-14-8
Date: Thu Jun  8 05:01:36 CDT 2017
Android version: 7.0
Baseband M8952_70030. ATHENE_LATAM_CUST
Detected phone model: XT1621
Resetting FRP lock..
FRP lock is successfully reseted!

Performed by 1.0.5 Software version.